Old CJ2A Pictures

I took most of these pictures from Mike Gardner's Photo album (forgive me Mike). I think they're all pretty fascinating:

Not sure what year the photo was taken. Posted as a 1948 CJ2A. CJ3A rear seat. Front bumper weight. Also note the white (not wheel color) "WILLYS" on the hood, but not on the windshield. Metal or galvanized windshield inner arm, windshield clamp bolts, and windshield pivot bracket bolt. Dual hood latches per side?

Unknown year photo and CJ2A. Exhaust on the drivers side?

Posted as a  1948 CJ2A. "WILLYS" painted on hood.

1948 CJ2A, obviously from the same series.

Before 97741 (parking lamps).  After 38687 (headlight doors).  Body color fuel tank. "WILLYS" on hood not painted.

1946 Kansas license plate. Before 97741 (parking lamps).  After 38687 (headlight doors). 

Picture file name had O-Keefe in it, though I don't know who that was. Body color fuel tank (look at the spout). Frame serial number on outside of frame Who hasn't seen this picture. For some reason I can't see my wife hopping in the old CJ2A in business attire to commute to work!