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Those of you who take my classes should have noticed that I mainly focus on the technical side of karate - i.e. how to move and perform techniques. However, there is a lot of ancillary information about our art that I think is useful to the student. The purpose of this section of the website is to provide you with information that would be suitable for 5-10 minute lectures on various karate topics.  Since we only meet twice a week, they are presented here rather than using valuable class time.  I always open the floor for questions at the end of class.  If you have any questions on the material presented here, feel free to ask at that time or send me your question via email and I will answer it to the best of my ability: Paul Willoughby. This section will also feature training camp reports and even your articles and essays if you wish. Happy reading and best wishes.


Rank Examination Information

A report from ISKF Master Camp 2001

Where Does Our Karate Come From?

How Much Training is Enough?

Cross Training in Other Martial Arts

Kata Bunkai with Chinte Examples

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