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World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2010 is this Saturday, April 24

Our local celebration will be a low key indoor event, coinciding with the regular Saturday morning class at Northeast Community Center. Everyone is invited, being aware we're in Room C, a fairly small space. We will start at 9 AM, and wrap up around 10:15. (to let someone else use the space at 10:30)

Thanks to everone who stopped by at Earth Day in Leonardtown.

And of course, thanks to all who attended Sifu Chin's workshop!

We are working with St Mary's county Parks and Rec to find a space to practice. Stay tuned for updates on that.

From a student. untitled.

Round and silken

the pearl inside

shapes my breath

gliding, pausing, descending

bringing my awareness

to things hidden and small.


  • Bao(as in "a ship's bow")
    A facet of the human spirit which, according to Chinese medicine, concerns preciousness or dearness.
  • Ren(as in "renaissance")
    Another Chinese perspective on the human spirit, this one enabling human compassion, or kindness.

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